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Znojmo (13 km)

Znojmo, one of the most significant towns on the Czech-Austrian border, is found on the rocky headland above the Dyje River in an area, where the river leaves deep valleys with forests and begins its journey through the lowlands. In 1226 Premyslid Otakar I promoted it to a town and soon the town blossomed. It was surrounded by a fortification wall, from which the larger part is still preserved.After a devastating fire the whole town was reconstructed in Renaissance style, and was declared to be an urban preservation zone. It boasts a number of significant historic sights – e.g. the Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St. Catherine, reminding us of the oldest Czech state, and according to experts it is the 2nd most significant monument in the country after Prague Castle.


Podyjí National park (27 km)

Podyji National Park is representative of a well-preserved forest-valley in otherwise forest-free landscape in Southwest Moravia. A section of the river Dyje marks the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. Nationalpark Thayatal forms a protected area on the Austrian side of the valley and together with NP Podyjí forms a bilateral protected area. Podyjí National Park is characterized by extraordinary scenery, being home to features such as rocky amphitheatres, cliffs, meanders, detritus fields, impervious ravines, several types of heatland adorned with muilti-coloured layers of thermophilic plants, or alluvial plains around the river Dyje. The division of the valley along the river Dyje creates two distinctive ecological regions and thus contributes to the high biological diversity of the park.

Termae Laa a. d. Thaya (28 km)

You will discover soothing thermal pools of up to 36°C water temperature, multisensual productions with light games and underwater music, an own adventure world for children with a megaslide of nearly 90m length and an exclusive sauna-world with many diverse theme saunas, water attractions and relaxing zones.

While the summer months there is additionally aspacious summer-pool with 22-24°C and a sun-bathing lawn with loungers and sun-umbrellas.

Against payment: vital-oasis with an extensive massage- and beauty-area and health- and vitalcentre with holistic and preventative medicine on a state-of-the-art level.

Vranov nad Dyjí chateau (35 km)

Vranov nad Dyjí Chateau, situated on the southern border of the Czech state about 110 km from Vienna, is one of the most remarkable secular buildings of the Central European Baroque. It emerged from a conversion of a castle of the provincial nobility combining Roman and Gothic features, with the first written account dating back to the year 1100. The chateau was given its present appearance by the counts of Althann in 1665, after a devastating fire. In the late 17th century the Althanns, to the design of renowned court architect Jan Bernard Fischer of Erlach, first built and decorated the impressive Hall of Ancestors that dominates the rugged landscape and magnifies its characteristic visual amenity. Subsequently they built the chateau chapel of the Blessed Trinity as an ideological counterbalance. They topped the conversion in the 18th century by adding the residential buildings of the court of honour. After the Althanns the chateau went to the Polish Mniszek family that brought the renowned Vranov stoneware factory to prosperity. A related family, Stadnický, held the castle until the beginning of World War II. Today, as a national cultural heritage situated in the western part of the Podyjí National Park, it is in the state’s custody.

Lednice castle (61 km)

Lednice castle is a part of Lednicko-valtický area, natural complex reaching almost 300km2. In 18th and 19th century Lichtensteins built it hand in hand with nature. Since 1996, this „garden of Europe“, has been registred in the Unesco World Heritage list. And no wonder! In adition to beautiful castles in Valtice and Lednice, it includes a lots of smaller objects: a romatic ruin of Janův castle, Classicist Forestterś lodge, Appoloś templ with Dorian peristyle, Pond manor, Frontier manor, Belvedere, Colonnade outlook on Reistna, Rendez-vous, called Dianaś temple, Temple of the Three Graces, Aqueduct, Obelisk, Water tower and Prayer tower. No wonder, that even nowadays, a lots of people swap summer seaside holidays for exploring beautiful places right here.

Cultural events in 2018

Cultural events in 2018


Summary of cultural,educational, social and recreation events

25. – 27.4. 2014    Workshop of wine knowledge

17.5.2014              Workshop of Etiquete with Mr. Špaček 

7.6.2014                Learning the sabrage of sampagne

6.7.2014                Pilgrimage in Lechovice

6.9.2014                Learning the sabrage of sampagne

12.-14.9.2014       Historical wine festival in Znojmo

18.10.2014            The evening with folk music 

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