Since November we have switched to a new concept of our hotel. We have joined the B | B system, the hotel with breakfast. For our guests we extend the breakfast time to 10 hours. Despite the winter unproductive months, the restaurant kitchen has days of rest from Monday to Thursday, from Thursday to Sunday for our guests to provide great meals catering chef and every weekend new meals. Furthermore – Monday is the day of rest of the restaurant, Tuesday and Wednesday is only a service refreshment – drinks + something small to wine, beer from 17 hours to evening hours (depending on the situation and agreement). For arranged and arranged events, celebrations, weddings, seminars, etc. we are and will be available whenever you are interested in these services and very happy. Thank you for your favor, I look forward to meeting you and wish you wonderful days and moments :-) Hana Weissová

Cultural events in 2018

Cultural events in 2018


Summary of cultural,educational, social and recreation events

25. – 27.4. 2014    Workshop of wine knowledge

17.5.2014              Workshop of Etiquete with Mr. Špaček 

7.6.2014                Learning the sabrage of sampagne

6.7.2014                Pilgrimage in Lechovice

6.9.2014                Learning the sabrage of sampagne

12.-14.9.2014       Historical wine festival in Znojmo

18.10.2014            The evening with folk music 


(Čeština) TV, atd….

(Čeština) přátelé,.... opravdu nemáme a mít nechceme, na každém pokoji televizi a vše kolem ..., Vím, že je problém být sám se sebou.,...